Dryer repair

Get Reliable Dryer Repair Services

Whether you want to repair your gas or electric dryer, Little John's Appliance Repair can take care of all your repair needs. You can rely on our locally owned and operated business for dependable, prompt service. All our labor is GUARANTEED

You'll always receive the highest-quality dryer repair services at affordable prices when you choose us.

What Are the Most Common Dryer Problems?

  • Will not tumble
  • No or low heat 
  • Rattling noises
  • Shuts off too soon
  • Clogged vents
  • Flashing codes (digital control panel)
  • Broken fuse
  • Bad igniter
  • Motor or idler problems
  • Dryer heats but does not dry
  • Loud vibrations

Keep Your Dryer Vents Clear and Safe

Does your dryer take too long to dry your clothes? The cause could be a buildup of lint inside, restricting air flow and possibly leading to overheating and fire. Call us to have your dryer inspected today.

Avoid fire mishaps and reduce energy consumption with regular dryer vent cleaning services. Little John's Appliance Repair recommends that you have your vent system cleaned thoroughly at least once a year. We'll brush clean your dryer vents so your dryer can breathe again!
All our appliance work is GUARANTEED!
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